HELLO THERE. I’m JENNA ERICKSON.  I am a painter, photographer and world traveler.  Ever intrigued by the pursuit of universal symbols that transcend language, my work explores the relationships between experience and environment.

Most days you can find me in Wisconsin’s ninth largest city, where I live with my two children surrounded by plants and paintings.  I am passionate about nurturing the creative process in myself and others, and embracing authenticity. 

My newest images include double exposure self-portraits that I created in China.  These images inspire me with their layered aesthetic, and the yin yang technique I employ to create them.

I’ll leave you with several things that may help you get to know me even more:

  • I am the Founder and Lead Travel Ambassador for OPEN AIR PLACES, where I am lucky to connect travelers with unique places to stay all over the world.

  • I produce international art retreats for artists and photographers with internationally recognized instructors – current retreats are scheduled for Guatemala!

  • I love daily yoga + I maintain self care rituals to keep my creativity boosted

  • My newest series of paintings are about Islands and I am really enjoying the process

Still here?  You can connect with me on social media by following me on Instagram at @jennajerickson or by friending me on Facebook where I enjoy a fabulous community of art lovers and travel enthusiasts.



AUTUMN BUTTERFLIES Show with Evan Hestekin at Salmagundi Gallery

Artist Statement

Like an early land surveyor mapping the contours of the countryside, I respond to personal landmarks both familiar and unfamiliar.

My makings document ordinary moments and experiences that I collect.  These observations ask questions and reflect my considerations of wholeness, transition and transparency.